Gloucester HarborWalk

The Gloucester HarborWalk is a public pathway built to offer an engaging experience for residents, employees of surrounding businesses, and visitors. Walk our historic city and enjoy our downtown harbor on this free, self-guided path. The HarborWork features 42 interpretive and interactive Story Moment markers that are placed along the HarborWalk route to highlight the city's maritime history, past, present and future, and its innovators in business, politics and the arts. Fastened to each granite marker is a short selection, a "Story Moment," that introduces an aspect of Gloucester's rich history and culture.The black border along the bottom edge of each Story Moment suggests the cultural institutions, historic homes and activities where one might investigate further. Further high and low tech content links offer more information.  Visit the Gloucester HarborWalk website 

View from the Gloucester HarborWalk by Joey Ciaramitaro, creator blog, Good Morning Gloucester 
side by side whale watching boat, fishing vessels and traps, dories at the dock